Acroyoga & Yoga classes in Fremantle & Scarborough Western Australia

Acroyoga Perth

Acroyoga Perth in Fremantle & Scarborough

AcroYoga classes in Perth, Fremantle & Scarborough.

AcroYoga Classes - Fremantle, Perth, Scarborough


Acroyoga classes in Fremantle and Scarborough.

 AcroYoga combines acrobatic concepts with a yogic consciousness. It involves yoga, partner yoga, partner acrobatics, thai yoga massage and therapeutic postures. It is a social and consciousness awakening activity, and can push one’s physical and mental boundaries, embraces communication, to work together, to stay connected, to trust in oneself and one’s surroundings. This is such  a playful fun practice! Join us for AcroYoga in Perth, Fremantle and Scarborough.


Flying Therapeutics & Thai massage

Thai massage, partner yoga and therapeutic acroyoga in Fremantle and Scarborough.

Flying Therapeutic acroyoga classes are a combination of therapeutic acrobatic flying and thai massage whereby the flyer is relaxed and can enjoy the weightless, restorative, nurturing experience as well as the benefits of being inverted. It helps to create a deep sense of comfort, stretches the spine and hips, encourages free flow of energy to remove blockages.

Learn (or fine tune existing skills) the technical aspects of acrobatic flying, basing, lifting balancing, stacking in a fun, nurturing atmosphere. Build strength, trust and feel the dynamic flow of energy that is created between people. These classes are offered in Fremantle and Scarborough and on occasion in other areas of Perth.

Family AcroYoga

Family acroyoga classes in Fremantle.

Enjoy  fun filled acroyoga classes with your kids! Classes taught for different age groups in Fremantle.

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